Dr. Umbach is passionate about helping adults and teens face and overcome their fears in order to allow for more functional and anxiety free living. Dr. Umbach is a licensed psychologist and board certified (ABPP) in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology.

She practices from a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach focused on understanding patterns, increasing flexibility in thinking, and making adaptive behavior changes. Dr. Umbach enjoys the hands-on, active approach of CBT and has considerable experience with exposure and response prevention (ERP).

Dr. Umbach is the author of "Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens." This book is a unique resource for teens (and adults) to better understand the cycle of anxiety and how to overcome it. She is also happy to provide trainings, presentations, and consultations.

Areas of specialty include:

    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder / Intrusive Thoughts

    • Specific and Social Phobias

    • Panic Attacks and Disorder

    • Stress / Worry / Generalized Anxiety

    • Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

    • Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) / Skin Picking / Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

    • Hoarding / Clutter / Organization