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Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens

In this powerful book, clinical psychologist and anxiety expert Andrea Umbach presents a proven-effective approach to help teens overcome fears and phobias using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

For anyone with intense fears and phobias, every day can feel like a roller-coaster ride. But if you are a teen, this is especially true. In Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens, you will find practical skills for coping with the thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and behaviors that accompany phobias. You'll also discover useful strategies to handle the things and situations that cause you to feel fearful.

If you are a teen who suffers from phobias, the practical activities in this book will help you break free from the fears that are holding you back. So, what are you waiting for?

*This book also includes easy to use downloadable worksheets*

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This book provides evidence-based help for dealing with a number of phobias, including:

  • Animal phobias, such as dogs, cats, snakes, spiders, and more

  • Natural environment phobias, such as heights, darkness, water, and storms

  • Situational phobias, such as driving, flying, crowded spaces, closed-in spaces, and more

  • Blood injection or injury phobias, such as seeing blood or injury, or visiting doctors and dentists

  • As well as other phobias, such as vomiting, choking, contracting illness, gaining weight, loud noises, foods, and more


“This book takes a clear, honest look at how your phobia is getting in the way of how you want to live your life. It offers supportive, sound advice on how to face your fears step-by-step, and gives readers the tools they need to overcome fears and phobias.”

-Jennifer Shannon, MFT, clinical director at the Santa Rosa Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and author of The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens

“Andrea Umbach's terrific book takes the research-proven strategies of cognitive behavioral therapy and puts them at your fingertips. Easy-to-use forms and worksheets walk the reader, step-by-step, through the strategies for preparing and implementing an effective antiphobia action plan. I recommend this book for any young person with fears and phobias that get in the way of their life.”

-Jonathan S. Abramowitz, PhD, clinical psychologist and president of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and author of Getting Over OCD

“Andrea Umbach has successfully crafted a guide to help teens address their anxiety. Based on cognitive behavioral principles, readers will undoubtedly benefit from the clearly described, pragmatic, and well-supported strategies contained within. There is no question that many young people will greatly benefit from reading this engaging text.”

-Eric A. Storch, PhD, professor and All Children's Hospital Guild Endowed Chair at the University of South Florida

“In Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens, Andrea Umbach provides teens like yourself with a step-by-step guide for self-directed treatment for a wide range of anxiety-related problems. She'll walk you through the essential components of CBT, including exposure therapy, as well as thinking-related exercises that have also been proven effective. You may find that if you stick with the exercises in this book, you will reduce your anxiety and improve your quality of life. Of course, if you need professional help, you should absolutely get it. But even in that case, Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens can be a great starting point and serve as a basis for your work with a therapist.”

-David F. Tolin, PhD, ABPP, director at the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living, adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, and author of Face Your Fears

“If you are a teenager wanting a straightforward way to challenge your anxiety-this book is for you. If you want to understand why your teen feels the way they feel-this book is for you. If [you are a professional who] treats teens with anxiety and want a guide to using cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure and response prevention-this book is for you. Read it, do the exercises, and watch your anxiety take a back seat in your life.”

-Patrick B. McGrath, PhD, clinical director at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital's Center for Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

“Anxiety is all-around no fun. But backing away as comfort doesn't work much better. If you want help moving forward [from anxiety], this is your go-to guide. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can put fears and phobias in your rearview mirror as you drive toward your next adventure.”

-Reid Wilson, PhD, coauthor of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents and Playing with Anxiety

“Reading this book is like having your own therapist for fears and phobias. It is crammed with information and lots of `how-tos,' and manages to avoid the pitfalls of cookbook, manualized approaches. Most readers with fears and phobias will want to read sections over and over again, since there is too much information to absorb in one reading. Parents and therapists should find it a useful resource tool. This is a comprehensive, cutting-edge, third-wave, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to [dealing with] fears and phobias, written in a style that will appeal to teenagers (for example, every quotation is from a contemporary character who should be well known by the target audience). I wish I had a resource like this when I was in my teens, struggling with my own anxieties.”

-Martin N. Seif, PhD, ABPP, clinical psychologist, founder of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, associate director of the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center at White Plains Hospital, faculty member at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and coauthor of What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Anxiety Disorders

“Being afraid is part of the human condition, but when fear is overwhelming, life can be miserable. All of us, teens and adults, must learn to understand and manage our fears in order to lead happy and productive lives. Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens is an essential guide to doing so. It provides a step-by-step program for recognizing, understanding, and controlling fears of all kinds. This long overdue book will provide much relief to teens and family members living with intense fears.”

-Randy O. Frost, PhD, author and coauthor of several books on hoarding, including Buried in Treasures, Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, The Oxford Handbook of Hoarding and Acquiring, and more

“The efficacy of Andrea Umbach's book comes in her ability to relate to teens on their level. For each clinical topic, she offers relatable examples in which teens will recognize themselves and their peers, thus dodging the eye roll and earning her way into their trust. From there, the exercises are easy, clear, and effective! Teens with fear, help is here.”

-Michelle Icard, author of Middle School Makeover

“Conquering Your Fears and Phobias for Teens is an engaging and practical guide for teens to overcome their fears. It is packed with clear, concise, and effective examples and exercises for teens, which will teach them invaluable life skills, helping them to think more flexibly, face their fears, and manage their anxiety more effectively. And it even cleverly addresses teens' common struggle with motivation and willingness. This reader-friendly workbook is the perfect fear-busting companion for teens and their parents and the therapists who wish to help them.”

-Marla W. Deibler, PsyD, clinical psychologist, founder and executive director of the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, and a nationally recognized expert in anxiety, obsessive compulsive, and related disorders, with appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, A&E's Hoarders, CBS News, ABC News, and FOX News